Investigating the Evaluations of England’s Creative Partnerships and Taiwan’s Local Creative Educational Programme

Hsu-Chan Kuo


This research aims to analyse the evaluations of two large-scale national educational programmes for promoting creativity, which are Creative Partnerships (CP) in England and the Local Creative Education Programme (LCEP) in Taiwan. By using documentary analysis, it is revealed that while there are various kinds of evaluations of CP conducted in England, fewer researchers investigated the impact or effectiveness of LCEP in Taiwan. Much evidence also showed that evaluations in England toward CP investigated from various kinds of participants’ perspectives through peer-reviewed processes, while most Taiwanese studies only focused on educators’ perspectives and only conducted as master-theses without rigorous reviews for ensuring quality. The findings suggest that the utilisation of systematic evaluation techniques is needed, and creativity research theories should also be employed for any future evaluations.


Creative Learning, Creative Partnerships, Local Creative Education Program, Educational Evaluation.

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