Concepts of Human Nature, especially of the Child, in Three Different Disciplines: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Contribution to Research on Science and Humanities

Katharina Schumann


This article introduces a new PhD research project. The key component of the research is a unique interdisciplinary approach which analyses concepts of human nature, especially of the child, in three different disciplines: (1) Education science and theory, (2) Neuroscience and (3) Genetics. It is done through literature analysis. The source is introductory textbooks written for beginners, for instance undergraduate students. This article details the research model by giving a short introduction on concepts of human nature, especially of the child, and by outlining the research approach. It can be beneficial for the development of the single discipline to reflect concepts of other disciplines or to develop one’s own concept of the physical world and human nature. Hence the purpose of this paper is to draw attention to comparative research in science and humanities with regard to concepts of the physical world and human nature.


interdisciplinarity, educational theory, Neurosciences, Genetics, human nature, child, Research on Science and Humanities, textbooks

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