Vol 11, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Editorial Board 1 - 2

Special Section

Knowledge Acquisition through Creative Conversations PDF
Silke Lange 3 - 8
Exploring Models of Development of Professional Practice in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: What Can We Learn from Biology and Marketing? PDF
Charles Neame 9 - 19
Academic Identity: A Modern Perspective PDF
Steven Anthony Quigley 20 - 30
Primary and Secondary School Principal Training Research Based on Implicit Wisdom PDF
Jia Xu 31 - 43

Research Notes

Issues Arising from a Study of Workforce Development Policy in Higher Education PDF
Jim Hordern 44 - 47
Concepts of Human Nature, especially of the Child, in Three Different Disciplines: An Interdisciplinary and Comparative Contribution to Research on Science and Humanities PDF
Katharina Schumann 48 - 51


The Practice of Age-Grouping in English Schools: The Scope and Power of the Implicit Education Policy PDF
Richard Llewellyn Greenfield 52 - 64

Critical Review

Toward a Synthesis Framework for the Study of Creativity in Education: An Initial Attempt PDF
Hsu-Chan Kuo 65 - 75
Bourdieu’s Social Reproduction Thesis and The Role of Cultural Capital in Educational Attainment: A Critical Review of Key Empirical Studies PDF
Michael Tzanakis 76 - 90

Research Papers

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? Gaining Access to Young Children as Researchers: A Critical Review PDF
Jane Murray 91 - 109

Media Reviews

Critical Practice in Teacher Education: A Study of Professional Learning PDF
Lisha Liu 110 - 111
Thinking and Learning through Drawing in Primary Classrooms PDF
Tereza Markidou 112 - 114
The SAGE Handbook of Philosophy of Education PDF
Juliette Torabian 115 - 116

Conference Abstracts

IoE Poster Conference 2011 PDF
  117 - 130

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