Looking Through the Lens: A Level Drama and Theatre Studies in Leicester and Leicestershire and the changing phases of Post- 16 Education

Kate Louise McCauley


This paper will outline my current qualitative case study research which takes an in depth look into how the two year Drama and Theatre Studies A Level is being delivered by teachers in schools and colleges in Leicester and Leicestershire. The subject specifications from three awarding bodies will be analysed in relation to how they are currently being communicated in the classrooms. This paper will then examine proposed governmental alterations to the existing A Level system. In January 2003, the government’s Opportunities and Excellence document proposed changes to the curriculum for 14 to 16 year olds in search for an increased breadth of study and more flexibility to allow schools and colleges to tailor programmes to individual student needs. In February 2005, the then Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, produced the Education and Skills White Paper outlining the government’s plans for 14- 19 Education. I will offer a summary of the key features of this White Paper and identify how the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) interpreted these proposals when drafting their AS/ A Level subject criteria for Drama and Theatre Studies in March of 2006 and the framework for the extended project in May of 2006.

This research addresses how A Level Drama and Theatre Studies could possibly be affected by the proposed governmental change. It is particularly relevant because it concerns the on- going practise of A Level delivery at a pertinent time of educational change. It also vocalises the thoughts, feelings and concerns of the Drama and Theatre Studies teacher and learner, two groups whose voices are seldom represented in post- 16 educational research.


Post- 16; White Paper; Government; A Level

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